Welcome to The Weekly Scoop! I’m Kaeleigh, and I really love(d) ice cream.

When I started The Weekly Scoop, I was dedicated to trying my hand at making as many kinds of ice cream as humanly possible. In winter 2017 I started the keto diet and I wasn’t sure how the Scoop fit into that lifestyle. I sure as heck wasn’t making ice creamy anymore.

After much pondering I decided to re-brand The Weekly Scoop as a general food blog where I can document all my favourite dishes that I make – both sweet AND savory, with a focus on keto-friendly low-carb eating. 

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada with a wonderful roommate who is also my BFF and our two pups. I am a makeup enthusiast, an avid reader of mystery novels and a (terribly incompetent) gamer. Find me on Instagram @kaeleighe or Twitter @ohhkae <3

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