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Welcome to The Weekly Scoop! I’m Kaeleigh, and I really love ice cream.

Making ice cream every single week is a tough task, but I’m up for the challenge! For the first couple years I owned my ice cream maker I busted it out only a handful of   times to make easy, quick-versions of ice cream and sorbet, the rest of the while it sat collecting ice in my freezer. I freely admit, the idea of making a custard base seemed like a lot of work and I was scared I would end up with scrambled eggs. When I tried it the first time, however, it was not nearly as difficult as I anticipated and the end product was ridiculously good. As a project to put my ice cream maker to good use, I decided to start The Weekly Scoop on Tumblr (where you can still find me!). As a birthday present from the Scoop official photographer, I moved over here to this official domain where I plan on churnin’ and burnin’ for many more scoops to come.

When I’m not in the kitchen you can find me in the library studying as a third year Communications major. You may also find me brandishing my sword as I fight for Skyrim, cheering for the Colts on Sundays, or lost in my favourite comics (Saga, anyone?). I live with one shutterbug student and one bug-eyed white chihuahua on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

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